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no answer since two days their web site not open because the domain is no more available and I already payed them the fees and started studying with them since 3-3-2017 and now I can not open my student page to study and do my exams , I even try to call them by phone but no body answer also I send them sms by my phone and try to send e mail but of because there is no domain the e mail return back I used to speak and to contact Mr. Ryan Chase because the university assigned him as my adviser his e mail is . thank you Hussein Hajjar

Review about: Pacific Cambria University Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Programs and price.

I didn't like: Just dissapere, There site domain had been removed.

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It is fake university , since there is no edu in the web site name it means it is fake .

they changed the name because there were using the web site of paramount California university and after they deceived the students they changed the name.

to check if any university is accredited or not check the below link

make formal complaint


The changed their web from


And they are there

Mayby it was a mistake from their side they did not notify the students

to Hussein Hajjar Amman, Al Balqa, Jordan #1329425

tow weeks before till now i tried to inter my classroom but unfortunately i cant reach it because the domain in not found

what can i do to complete my PHD degree now.

Jeddah, Makkah, Saudi Arabia #1326422

Dear surely they have disappeared same has happened to me from their side. No contact from anyone.

Am grateful at least I refused to pay much money when I was asked to do so.

When they need money from you then they will be calling each day and night same as Queensburg university.

If you want the best of the online then I can recommend Atlantic International University for you. I have successfully completed my PHD and am now on my Post PHD.


if it is a well recognized university the administration should've e-mailed their students notifying them if they are facing some disfunction with their web site.

I'm really so astonished .

Could it be fake. ?


the sad part is that you not the only one. many people were corned including myself.

just lost a lot of money. am so depressed.

to annonymas Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #1326526

So they are a scam for sure??

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